Misr Shebin Produce New Products in Local & Global Markets


Misr/Shebin El Kom Co. for Spinning & Weaving has succeeded in producing three new products for the global market. These yarns were not produced by the company before, but one of these threads is unique to the company to manufacture it to be the only one in the Arab Republic of Egypt that produces this thread. The three threads are:

  • Polyester / Viscose Black Yarns (we are the only company which produce it) .

  • 100% Viscose Black Yarns.

  • 100% Polyester Black Yarns :

For : Weaving, Knitting and Sewing threads.

It is worth mentioning that the company was able to increase its exports abroad besides increasing its share sold in the local market, all within the framework of an ambitious plan overseen by Eng. Shawky Al Sayad, the General Commissioner of the Company, who is constantly developing the production and attracting new customers.

In this regard, within the plan of the General Commissioner of the Company, the local sales department, in cooperation with the Technical Supervision Sector, will produce a new thread that will be put on the local market and manufactured for the first time in the company’s history with a new mix of 28/2 High Bulk 80% natural wool and 20%  acrylic.

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